Welcome to NfP Accountants

NfP Accountants Ltd is a firm of charity accountants in London. The firm specialises in integrated financial management for small charities and social enterprises in the Greater London area. The firm was created by Chartered Accountant Charles Ssempijja with the vision of becoming the small charity accountants and business advisers of choice, linking financial management, strategic governance, and operations.

NfP Accountants brings a new approach to charity financial management for small charities or social enterprises, where existing strengths are identified and enhanced, and financial management is connected with the rest of the organisation, in order to facilitate the achievement of its objectives.

As part of our commitment to the small charity sector, NfP Accountants works only with charities whose income is below £1.5m a year. We are especially keen to work with charities whose income is below £500,000 a year.

What NfP Accountants brings to your charity or social enterprise

NfP Accountants provides small charities with a designated high calibre accountant, without having to suffer the huge cost that would normally come with.

  • Specialism: A qualified accountant that was trained in and for the charity sector;
  • Dedication: The firm provides pro-bono support for select small organisations, and the Director sits on the board of a number of charities;
  • Experience: Over 10 years of working with charities and voluntary organisations in a range of sectors from international development to housing to legal services.

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Summary of key services

Value added charity bookkeeping services

  • Setting up robust systems for seamless and integrated financial reports (take the pain out of charity books);
  • Error-free charity bookkeeping;
  • Integrated donor-reports; and
  • Tracking your restricted funds, project costs, functional costs, and any other categories required).

Charity accounting and financial management services

  • Jargon-free management accounting and information;
  • Financial planning, budgeting and forecasting;
  • Statutory compliance, including preparing and filing statutory accounts, dealing with HMRC and the auditors);
  • Grants and donor management, including donor compliance reviews, grant audits, and meeting with donors.

Assurance and governance services

  • Independent examinations;
  • Internal audits; and
  • Risk management and internal controls.

Quality Assurance

NfP Accountants Ltd is regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales through the Practice Assurance Scheme.


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