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Keeping your books tidy, complete, & free of errors

Is-This-How-You-Feel2Even in a small organisation, one can feel like they’re drowning in paper. Invoices, receipts, vouchers, bank letters & statements, compliance letters, etc. They seem to accumulate so fast and become such a chore. Soon, the mundane bookkeeping tasks take your time away from running and growing the organisation.

Value added charity bookkeeping

The challenge that many small charities and social enterprises face is that their bookkkeeping systems are not set up to meet the financial reporting and management requirements of the organisation. For example, the supporting documents do not usually mirror the information as recorded in the system, which results in a disconnect between those documents and the reports from the system. The result is that the organisation may find it cumbersome or even impossible to extract management and donor information when required.

NfP Accountants’ approach is to to set up the bookkeeping system from which the required reports flow seamlessly from the supporting documents. For example, small organisations often have multiple funding sources and may need to report on funding streams and projects. Without the right systems in place, a significant amount of time is spent running donor reports, tracking restricted funds, analysing project data, etc. NfP Accountants will set systems up that directly deliver such reports by gathering and recording the right information on an ongoing basis.

NfP Accountants will build a simple to use system that tracks all this data on an-going basis, so you can run reports when needed:

  • Donor reporting
  • Restricted funds tracking
  • Project costs tracking
  • Functional costs tracking
  • Other categories required