Chartered Accountant Launches New Employee-owned Firm for Small Charities

A new brand of accountancy business for small charities and not for profit organisations, such as social enterprises, has been launched. There are thousands of small charities and social enterprises in the UK, doing fantastic work, and yet, many are still struggling to keep on top of their books or make use of their financial data for management decision-making.

Although there are many accountancy firms serving the charity sector in the UK, NfP Accountants is set up to become the first employee-owned accountancy business. “It’s time to move beyond the traditional partnership model of accounting firms; for small charities and social enterprises, a more co-operative approach to financial management is best placed to provide the much needed support and at a reasonable cost”, says founder, Charles Ssempijja.

NfP Accountants Ltd will provide all manner of services to small charities and social enterprises. What’s unique about this firm is that small charities will now have an accountant that can work with them to build processes that connect finance with other strategic and operational management, particularly around donor management, project tracking, process automation, and jargon-free financial information for the non-accounting manager.